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Helping independent retailers maximize their profit

Who We Are

We are a best practices training and consultancy company specializing in maximizing retailer profit with an emphasis on shrink reduction and labor management controls. Our experts all have an extensive retail background and we cater specifically to the independent retailer

What We Do

  • Activity Based Labor Management Solutions – the lowest cost activity based software and implementation solution available.
  • Shrink Control Best Practices and Audit Services – helping retailers to identify and correct their profit loss due to shrink.
  • Store Manager Best Practice Training – cost effective on-site training programs to fit any size organization.
  • Store Supervisor Leadership training
  • Perishable Department Best Practices to maximize sales and profit
  • Cashier Productivity and Shrink control best practices
  • Backroom and Receiver audits and training
  • Workflow and Production Management

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Where's My Shrink

We provide experienced professionals who complete an audit and needs assessment to identify and target specific areas that are causing excessive shrink in your stores. We provide detailed results, complete with our findings, pictures, solutions and best practice recommendations designed to help you meet your goals.

Supermarket Productivity Systems

We cater to the independent retailer reducing their labor costs with a proven tool and process that allows them to effectively compete with larger chain store companies. We build unique labor ‘models’ for each store based on that stores own unique size, format and service offerings. We then provide a simple and easy to use activity based labor management tool to optimize labor efficiencies.

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