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Maximize your profit across all stores

Learn how this proven, easy-to-follow, five-step process will reveal the causes of your store shrink loss. Then, our experts will train your team to cure the causes of your shrink and help your managers to drive guaranteed profit results.

Five Steps To Reducing Your Shrink And Maximizing Your Profit

Step 1: Discovery

Most companies know they have too much shrink, but don’t know exactly why. Therefore, we begin our process with a shrink practices audit . This vital, diagnostic approach determines the root causes of your shrink and pinpoints your profit loss by store and by department to help you see exactly where your shrink is and identify exactly what is causing it.

Step 2: Identify the Gap

Then, once we know where your shrink is, how much you are losing and why, we prioritize for optimal ROI and lead you through a shrink reduction process. We help you to set measurable shrink reduction and profit improvement goals and time lines. This gap analysis is vital in determining where you are versus where you could be. With goals set, we move on to creating your personalized shrink recovery action plan and road map.

Step 3: Your Personalized Profit Map

By this point, we will be working partners focused on your profit-building, shrink-recovery action plan. Your Profit Road Map will detail how to reduce your shrink, who is affected, and will detail exact how-to practices, all with the precise milestones and measures. With the plan made and the road map set, we move to step four for training and implementation/execution.

Step 4: Expert Training

Now the fun begins as our experts train your executives and managers how to execute smarter shrink control/profit producing best practices. We create excitement, energy, and motivate your team with a common cause. With this training, every executive, manager, and employee will be moving in the same direction with common understandings, expectations, and goals.

Step 5: Execution and Measuring Results

You have to implement and execute! Without it, all the planning and training is for naught. That’s why we stay with you throughout your transformation to measure, monitor and adjust the plan for both short term and long term gains. We call this phase Implementation Effectiveness Management (IEM). The impact of implementation effectiveness ensures your success with measurable results and immediate ROI.

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