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Maximize productivity and minimize labor costs to add up to .95 to

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Supermarket Productivity Systems (SPS)

SPS cater to the independent retailer reducing their labor costs with a proven tool and process that allows them to effectively compete with larger chain store companies. We build unique labor ‘models’ for each store based on that stores own unique size, format and service offerings. We then provide a simple and easy to use activity based labor management tool to optimize labor efficiencies.

1. Identify the Problem

2. Personalize the Solution

3. Maximize Your Results

Heinen's, Hannaford, Festival Foods, Woods Supermarket, Roche Bros., HenHouse, Market Basket, Strack & Van Til, and Price Chopper

For more on how we can reduce your labor costs and add an average of 65 points to your bottom line, visit Supermarket Productivity Systems

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